The Munster Theatre Company (or MTC) is the producing organization for all theater productions based at Munster High School. Our main goal is to produce quality productions on par with the many fine regional theater groups in the area. We have received critical acclaim for our productions, with MTC audience sizes constantly growing. 

Theatre Company works with many other school organizations in the fine and performing arts fields. Theater represents one activity that brings together a wide variety of technical and artistic disciplines into a single venture. We apply this philosophy to bring as many different talents on each and every production. Our "sister" organization in Theater is the Munster Auditorium Staff, which makes up the other major part of the Theatre Arts at Munster. Participation is encouraged in both organizations and by taking drama and stagecraft classes offered during the school day.


We generally produce four to five productions during the school year. The season may vary from year to year depending on the talent pool of the members of Theatre Company.


NOVICE PRODUCTION:  Our season-opener is open only to freshman and sophomores or upperclassmen who have not appeared on stage in major roles before. Generally, this is training production to give our least experienced actors chance to improve their skills without having to compete with experienced upperclassmen for roles. The novice production is usually a student-directed play.

ONE-ACTS: Our One-Act series gives students a chance to work with shorter pieces.  One is usually student directed, and one serves as our entry into the Indiana Thespians Regional Competition.

IMPROV NIGHTS:  If you like "Whose Line is it Anyway?", you will love our Improv Nights.  Our top improv performers present interactive improvisational theatre for your entertainment.  With seats set up "in the round" on the stage, this is a fun time for the entire family!

WINTER PRODUCTION:  This is generally a non-musical play, which may be open to qualified students as a directing project. Also, guest directors from the region may be asked to direct in order to broaden the horizons of students to differing directing methods.

SPRING MUSICAL:  This is the culminating production with a full orchestra, large sets and costumes.  We collaborate with the other performing arts groups at MHS, and even with Wilbur Wright Middle School, when possible.


The directors cast roles for the all productions at an open audition. Students are eligible if they are in good standing (no pledge violations) and have otherwise good school citizenship. The process is very competitive, but no roles are "pre-cast". Other non-performance opportunities exist on every production and we encourage those, who do not get cast to participate in these areas. 




This is but a brief overview of our program.  For a more detailed description of our comprehensive program, please refer to our Program Handbook!



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