Cast List

An email will be sent to all on September 3 with details as to the first rehearsal!

Scarlet Expectations of a Drowned Maiden
and Two Greek Queens

This show will be pre-recorded on an online platform for streaming.


Dee Dee Dane:  Ava Rozmanich

Penelope:  Noel Navarro

Medea:  Chloe Sarkady

Hester Prynne:  Ini Edet

Miss Havisham:  Molly Manion

Ophelia:  Tara Gaither

Arthur Dimmesdale:  Michael Casner

Commercial Narrator:  Bradley Bieniak

Commercial Actor 1:  Evanthia Fotopoulos

Commercial Actor 2:  Demetrios Fotopoulos

Commercial Actor 3:  Josh Decker


**Note:  The Commercial Narrator and Commercial Actors will be pre-filming their commercial spots.


Stage Manager:  Josephine Mittelberger

Assistant Stage Manager:  Clara Dumaresq

Props/Virtual Backgrounds:  Nadia Buerger, Hannah Gossler,  and Olivia Hughes

Costumes:  Ini Edet and Olivia Hughes



They Eat Sunshine, Not Zebras

This show will be filmed on the stage of the Munster Auditorium for streaming.

Sunny:  Kameryn Hubbard

Brown:  Claire Williams

Grass 1:  Claire Pacurar

Grass 2:  Alyssa Sangueza

Grass 3:  Ashley Nita

Grass 4:  Ian Horn

Grass 5:  Christopher Canul

Grass 6:  Isidora Pavlic

Grass 7:  Chloe Sarkady

Grass 8:  Joshua Korwek

Grass 9:  Hayden Stanley

Stage Manager:  Zach Tucker

Assistant Stage Manager:  Josephine Mittelberger


Sound:  Sarah Resch and Finn Manion

Lighting:  Ava Quasney and Lucas Opiola

Costumes:  Isidora Pavlic and Gia Cvitkovich

Scenic Painting:  Clara Dumaresq, Noel Navarro, Sarah Resch


PR for both shows (including developing show logos):  Sarah Resch and Nadia Buerger