Cast and Crews List


Thank you for a wonderful 2 days of auditions!  They were A TON OF FUN!

Those listed below should check out a script from Mr. Palasz before Wednesday's readthrough (Mr. Palasz will not be in on Tuesday).  The readthrough will be Wednesday, February 28 in the Choir Room from 3-5:30.



Tracy Turnblad

Cali Grzybowski

Wilbur Turnblad

Mikey McDunn

Edna Turnblad

Ben Peters

Adam Mohrs (US)

Penny Pingleton Claire Powell
Prudy Pingleton

Lydia Smith

Amber Von Tussle Maya Radjenovich
Velma Von Tussle

Kelli Little

Anna Speckhard (US)

Link Larkin Jack Sullivan
Seaweed J. Stubbs Amanda Beaudouin
Little Inez

Camryn Hayes

Jaylin Turner (US)

Motormouth Maybelle

Zoe Short

Corny Collins Noel Fary
Mr. Pinky Andrew Wittkamp
Principal Andrew Wittkamp
Gym Teacher Abigail Watts
Matron Abigail Watts
Harriman F. Spritzer Ariel Shoriak

Ken Miles

Stooie Ben Mellon
Cindy Watkins Jaylin Turner
Lorraine Christina Burzynski
Duane Juan Salgado
Thad Bradley Bieniak
Tammy Kelly Collins
Brad James Sroge
Fender James Shelton
Brenda Robyn DeJoan
Sketch David Adams
Shelley Anna Speckhard
IQ Adam Mohrs
Louann Emma Powell
Judine Ariana Casas
Kamilah Patricia Castro
Shayna Maria Ramos
featured solos and featured dancers not assigned to characters above will be pulled from this group

Gillian Archer

Diana Ayala

Madison Bevil

Erin Bryce

Anastasia Cipowski-Smith

Dori Clousing

Jamie DeJoan

Elise Fedrick

Sydney Hamill

Ashley Nita

Jenna Rock

Saranya Sanaka

Marissa Slivka

Mackenzie Stricklin

Clara Terry

Irene Tsakapoulos

Myanne Zachary

Hanna Zukley

Ian Horn



These people will receive scripts on Wednesday at the read-through.  They should also plan to attend a crews meeting on Thursday, February 28 from 3-5 PM.



Technical Director

Joseph Bellahcen

Stage Manager

Michaela Marcotte

Assistant Stage Managers

Francis Hovland, Logan Radwan


Sara Arndt, Katie Bobb, Sam Migliore

Lighting Design

Mandy Jonquet


Anna Babus, Logan Carter, Madison Jonquet

Set Construction/Painting

Logan Carter, Ashton Rivera, Srishti Sarkar

Sound Design

Sarah Resch, Sam Migliore



Production Run Crews


Followspot Operators

Grace Hoehl, Zach Tucker


Sara Arndt, Katie Bobb, Sam Migliore, Srishti Sarkar

Light Board Operator

Mandy Jonquet, Madison Jonquet (intern)

Sound Board OPerator

Sarah Resch, Sam MIgliore (intern)


Anna Babus, Logan Carter, Katie Bobb