Munster High School is proud to be the home of Troupe #2861 of the International Thespian Society.  Chartered in 1966 and re-chartered in 2016 after being inactive for several years, we currently have nearly 40 active Thespians.  We participate in the Indiana Thespians Regional and State Conferences, the annual Indiana Thespians Leadership Retreat, and the International Thespian Festival.

Since 1929, when Thespians was established, over 2.4 million people have been inducted into the International Thespian Society.   Some of your favorite artists may also be Thespians, though the skills learned in theatre have helped some ascend to prominence in non-arts fields.  Here is a list of Distinguished Thespians.


Becoming a Thespian

In order to become a member of the International Thespian Society, you must earn at ten "Thespian Points."  This is determined by a points schedule (to be published on this site in the near future).  Once you earn ten points, you are invited to be inducted at the annual Equus Awards ceremony in May.  

But the honors do not stop there!  When you earn 60 Thespian Points, you are elevated to Honor Thespian, at 120 points you become a National Honor Thespian, and at 180 points you become an International Honor Thespian!  In addition, there are other Thespian honors that you can earn from your hard work.  


Thespian Awards and Accolades

MTC Awards

Famous Thespians

Troupe Constitution and Bylaws

Thespian Points Guide