MTC Contest Play 2018

Audition Information

Auditions for the 2018 MTC Contest Play, The Refugee Women, will happen on Wednesday, May 30 from 12-2.  Callbacks, if needed, will be Thursday, May 31, from 12-2.

All students, from incoming freshmen through rising seniors, may audition.  Complete information about the show is at this link.


Contest Play FAQs

1.  What is the contest play?  The contest play is one way that MTC puts its best performers and technicians up against others across the state.  In general, each school who participates has 45 minutes to set up a set, perform a play, and strike their set.  

2.  How are schools judged?  Participating schools attend one of six Regional Conferences held across the state each fall (MHS is hosting one on November 10).  Up to six schools may compete at a Regional.  Each show is judged by a panel of three professionals in theatre.  The top two schools from each Regional advance to the State Conference in January, where they compete once again against the winners at each of the other Regionals.

3.  Does it conflict with Speech?  No it does not.  The two organizations work their schedules around each other to help ensure students have as much opportunity to participate in both activities.

4.  What costs are involved?  There is a $15 charge for Regionals.  State costs about $175 for registration, transportation, and hotel.  However, we do fundraise throughout the year to bring this cost down.  Generally, we raise about 40-60% of the money needed for State.  However, if financial issues might deter you, please contact Mr. Palasz at, and he will work something out with you.  Finances should never be a reason to not participate in theatre.

5.  Can I still participate in the conferences if I am not in the contest show?  Yes!  Not only is it great to see the other schools who compete, but each Regional hosts a workshop session, so the entire day is one big learning experience!  Additionally, the State Conference also has a slate of workshops and Individual Events that you can participate in.  Check out our Conferences Page for more info!