The Munster Auditorium Staff's purpose is to provide a professional-grade student staff, under the direction of the Auditorium Director, to service the various needs of the auditorium/theater facility users, whether they are within the school system, or outside commercial/community users.  Because the Auditorium Director can only participate in a limited number of functions during shows, by using effective student leadership, he can oversee many more functions, plus provide students with good technical theater and leadership opportunities.  Auditorium Staff members work in several fields of service which include:


HOUSE:  These students are the first link with the public, acting as ushers, box office staff, and concession functions of a show.  The concessions stand is run when requested.  The house crew will check the auditorium to make certain that it is clean, carpet is swept, and areas are roped-off or reserved as needed.  Also they will handle any incident or emergency in the audience that may arise during a performance.


TECHNICAL: This field includes lighting, sound, rigging, and set construction.  Through various theatrical productions and other events, students learn how to operate our various technical systems, including troubleshooting.  An emphasis is placed on safety.

DESIGN:  This field includes creating the look on stage, whether it be lighting, sound, or sets.  Once a student understands how to make something happen on stage, they are able to dictate what happens on stage.  Through a process used in the professional theatre, students are able to start with an initial concept and see it to completion.  This happens by collaborating with the technical staff and the director(s).  


Complete information about the operations of the Auditorium Staff, as well as job descriptions, can be found in our Staff Handbook.


Auditorium Staff
2017-2018 Season

  Technical Director  
  Joseph Bellahcen  
  Stage Manager  
  Matthew McCraw  
  Assistant Stage Managers  
Amanda Jonquet Shannon Coughlin Logan Radwan
  Michaela Marcotte  
  Fly Captain  
  Shannon Coughlin  
  Fly Assistant  
  Erin Bryce  
  Master Electrician
Matthew McCraw
Amanda Jonquet     Mitchell Walsh
  Sound Engineer
Michaela Marcotte
  Assistant Sound Engineer
Kemper Fane
  Shop Supervisors  
Mitchell Walsh     Logan Radwan
  House Managers  
Ethan Levy     Hannah Levy
  Assistant House Managers  
Erin Bryce     Kemper Fane
  Full Crew  
Ariana Casas Zachary Grabelle Adam Kojich
Alex Kojich Joseph McCraw Kaela Percak
  Arianne Sadural  
Sydney Hamill     Josh Zatorski