Munster Theatre Company

International Thespian Society

Troupe #2861

2022-2023 Leadership


Troupe Director:  Mr. Ray Palasz

Assistant Troupe Director:  Ms. Peggy Matanic

President:  Isidora Pavlic

First Vice President:  Josephine Mittelberger

Second Vice President:  Clover Sarkady

Secretary-Treasurer:  Charlie Ilijevski

PR Manager:  Evvy Kikkert

Stage Manager:  Josephine Mittelberger

Assistant Technical Director; Seamus Keegan

Assistant Stage Managers:  Jim Ferguson, Clover Sarkady

Lead Electrician:  Kyle Farnell

Electrician:  Kyle Farnell

Assistant Sound Engineer:  Kyle Farnell

Fly Captain:  Lucas Opiola

House Managers:  Pemi Ogunjimi, Lucas Opiola

Assistant House Manager:  Clover Sarkady


To run for office, a student must be an Inducted Thespian for the school year for which they are to serve.


Troupe #2861 Bylaws