2022-2023 Theatre Company Handbook

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The Munster Theatre Company (MTC) is the producing organization for all theatre productions based at Munster High School. Our main goal is to produce quality productions on par with the many fine regional theatre groups in the area.  We have received critical acclaim for our productions, with MTC audience sizes constantly growing. 


The Auditorium Staff of the Munster Theatre Company works with many other school organizations in the fine and performing arts fields.  Theatre represents one activity that brings together a wide variety of technical and artistic disciplines into a single venture. We apply this philosophy to bring as many different talents on each and every production. Please refer to the Auditorium Staff Handbook for more information on opportunities afforded to MTC students.




We generally produce three to four productions during the school year.  The season may vary from year to year depending on the talent pool of the members of Theatre Company.



Our fall production is open to all students. It is generally full length non-musical production or a series of one-acts.  Cast and crew positions are open to all students, and the cast is generally flexible to include as many students as possible.



Our Contest Season consists of a contest play, participation in the International Thespian Excellence Awards (Thespys), and college and scholarship auditions.


Our contest play is a one-act play that is entered into the Indiana Thespians Regional Play Competition.  This is our “varsity” team of actors and technicians.  The show is cast in early summer so that all students have time to study the script.  Public performances are in early November.  The show competes in Regional competition in November, and if it advances to State, performs at State in January 


The International Thespian Excellence Awards (Thespys) are individual, duet, and group competitions in musical and non-musical acting, technical theatre, and short film.  Students prepare pieces throughout the fall semester for entry into the state competition in late January.


College and Scholarship auditions are for Juniors and Seniors who are inducted Thespians.  Each year at our state competition dozens of college theatre programs audition students for their upcoming freshmen classes.  MTC has a history of students earning tens of thousands of dollars each from numerous theatre programs.  The Indiana Thespians also awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to graduating seniors who intend to pursue the performing arts.  Students interested in these opportunities work throughout the fall semester to prepare for these events.



Throughout the fall semester, groups of filmmakers will engage in the process of making a short, 5-minute film.  The films will be streamed in early to mid-February.



This is a more informal production that involves utilizing “thinking on your feet.”  Students will audition by way of participating in improvisational exercises and will be cast in groups.  Rehearsals will entail practicing playing several improv games, many of which will be presented to an audience a la Whose Line is it Anyway?  Performances are in a more intimate setting, with minimal technical elements.



This is almost always a major musical production with a full orchestra, large sets and costumes. We especially try to involve as many students as possible on this production from throughout the school, and even open up chorus or other roles to Junior High School or younger students if the production permits.



The directors cast roles for the all productions at an open audition. Students are eligible if they are in good standing (no pledge violations) and have otherwise good school citizenship. The process is very competitive, but no roles are pre-cast.  Additionally, we engage in color-blind and color conscious casting.  Some productions will require preparing a monologue, song, or a scene, while other productions will rely on cold readings to place actors in roles.  Other non-performance opportunities exist on every production and we encourage those, who do not get cast to participate in these areas).







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