This show will be an original adaptation, meaning cast members may influence the final script!  

Auditions:  Wednesday, May 29 2-4:30 PM

Materials Due:  Tuesday, May 28

Please read the information below and ask questions if you have them!

How Do We Cast in MTC?
This is an updated document of the thought process of casting actors and assigning technical roles in MTC.

FAQ's on Applying for MTC Productions
Read this FIRST if you have any questions!  Odds are, your answer is in here!

PDF of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

A free PDF of the text off of which we will base our show!

Production Application

Complete this Google Form to express your interest in the fall production.  You must have the following ready to upload

  1. Your resume (in PDF format)
  2. A headshot of you ( in an image file; nothing fancy is needed; it is to put names and faces together for our production staff)
  3. Your COMPLETED Conflict Sheet (in PDF format; any activity conflicts NOT signed by your coach or sponsor will NOT be honored)
  4. Your completed Production Agreement (in PDF format; hard signatures are required)

Activity Fee Information
The activity fee information is provided here for informational purposes only.  NO ACTIVITY FEES WILL BE COLLECTED UNTIL AUGUST!

Production Calendar

Here is the list of all the days and times we are rehearsing and performing.  Be sure to look at it carefully when filling out the conflict sheet.  Note that we are doing two matinee shows this year (Saturday and Sunday) with NO Saturday night show).

Conflict Sheet

While it is an editable PDF, you will need to print this out and get hard signatures!

Production Agreement

This also needs to be printed out for hard signatures.