How Do We Cast in MTC?


Putting together a production is like a science experiment.  We hypothsize about who best fits in each part of a production, but it is not until the end (after the show has been performed) that we know if our hypothesis was correct.  The procedure--the rehearsal process--is what leads to our results and conclusion. 

However, it is not an exact science, and often, many variables enter into the process after the show has been cast.   To help mitigate those variables, below is our casting philosophy.  In this case, casting also includes assigning students technical responsibilities.


The Munster Theatre Company employs colorblind and color-conscious casting.  Color blind casting means that, unless the script specifically calls for it, actors are placed in roles they are best suited to play, regardless of skin color.  Color conscious casting means that, after we cast the show, we look to see if the colorblind casting will lead to unintended messages being sent to the audience.  An example of this might be having all of the weaker characters played by those with darker skin than those playing stronger characters. 

Our primary goal is to produce the BEST PRODUCTION POSSIBLE.  Casting is not a perfect science, and much relies on how well an actor prepares for the audition.  Sometimes we get to the end of a show and we know that we cast the show the best way possible with those who auditioned, and sometimes we realize that (through the production process), another actor might have been better suited to a part.  But, as with any casting situation, we have to balance scheduling conflicts, actors’ desires for parts, past experience, and ability.  We thank you very much for your understanding of the challenge that comes with casting this show.


Our goal is the best possible production.  We want the strongest people in each role and technical position.  However, we also need people who are dependable and who can take coaching and constructive criticism in order to create the best production possible.  It is true that sometimes a person may be afforded an opportunity in a show because of their dependability and coachability.


Our theatre company is a welcoming, inclusive program.  We desire to give as many people the opportunity to work on productions as possible, given scheduling issues, past experiences, and of course, the audition.  Much of that depends on you, the student.  Not only what you are willing to put into your audition, but what you are willing to do to encourage others to do the same.  And, if you are selected to be a part of the production, to carry that same mentality throughout the production process.


So work hard, be open, and break legs!

Mr. Palasz and Ms. Matanic





Over the past 50 years the Munster Theatre Company has been a home to countless actors, directors, technicians, and designers.  As we embark on the new season, one which, due to the pandemic will be unlike any we have seen, we are inviting our alumni to join us.

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