Discovering Rogue

Cast and Technical Staff List


Rogue:  Diana Ayala (in reality) / Camryn Hayes (in the dream sequences)

Perfect:  Amanda Beaudouin

Constance:  Gillian Archer

Mom:  Anna Raycroft

Dad:  Francis Hovland

Roger:  Joshua Korwek

Student 1:  Elise Fedrick

Student 2:  Ashley Nita

Student 3:  Shreya Patel

Student 4:  Chris Canul

Fluffy:  Ariel Velasco

Teacher:  Ayush Arora


Ensemble (appearing in the opening scene as well as the classroom scene):  Dori Clousing, Maria Ramos, Sarah Espiritu, Ian Horn, Michael Casner



Rogue:  Dori Clousing (both parts)

Perfect: Maria Ramos

Constance:  Sarah Espiritu

Teacher:  Chris Canul

Roger:  Michael Casner


Technical Staff

Technical Director:  Sarah Resch

Stage Manager:  Mandy Jonquet

Sound Design: MJ Migliore

Props:  Grace Hoehl

Costumes:  Patricia Castro

The first rehearsal will be May 30 at noon in the auditorium!

This was a tough show to cast, as there were so many more people coming out for this show than I expected!  This is an especially strong group, and I cannot wait to get started!