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Ensemble Member ($30.00-$49.00)

Lansing Cleaners

The Starkey Family

Supporting Actor ($50.00-$99.99)

Commander Family Restaurant

Thomas J. Scully, III, & Associates

The Saltanovitz Family

Lead Performer ($100.00-$199.99)

Barbara Shaver Attorney At Law

Centier Bank

Jenna and Kevin Parker (Alumni Circle Patrons)

Munster Donut

O'Hara's Sporting Goods

Peoples Bank

Rick and Pam Leet (Alumni Circle Patron)

Stephanie Sepiol Milne and Jordan Milne (Alumni Circle Patron)


Stage Manager ($200.00-$499.99)

Jerrie Kroll (Alumni Circle Patron)

Riviera Restaurant

​Springer Realty Jeff Dettlo Team

Strack and Van Til

Therese Martin - Class of 1972 (Alumni Circle Patron)

Director ($500.00-$999.99)

Thomas W. Daniels & Co., P. C.

Producer ($1000 and up)

Karen and Terry McMahon

The annual patron drive for Munster Theatre Company helps to underwrite our season.  Non-musicals cost around $1000 to buy scripts and purchase the rights to perform the play; musicals cost around $3000!  That is before we build a set, make costumes or props, or create a special effect!

And we do more than just produce plays!  Here is a rundown of what we have accomplished in the last year, in spite of the pandemic:

  • A dozen students competed in the International Thespian Excellence Awards Program in January, with two of our entries moving on to Internationonal competition this June

  • We filmed and streamed three productions

  • Students participated in weekly improv workshops to continue honing their creative skills

  • Students connected with Broadway performers Celia Keenan-Bolger and Nicole Parker, as well as musical writer Rick Elice, through master classes.

And of course, we have a  history of placing at State and International competitions!

One big project we are hoping to fund with grants and other contributions is a projector and computer to run projections for shows. An amazing backdrop can really add a "wow" factor to a show.  However, the cost of renting backdrops can easily run thousands of dollars per show.  The latest projector technology would allow us to have as many backdrops as we want (even our own created backdrops) without the repeated costs.  This project will run about $10,000 to start up, but have no ongoing costs.  In fact, in just two seasons of using projections we would have paid for the cost of the projector and computer set-up.  We are seeking grant assistance to fulfill this project, but your donations will help us subsidize what a grant may be unable to provide.

Your tax deductible donation helps to keep our ticket prices low.  In addition, 25% of your contribution is set aside to offset our students' costs to attend the Indiana Thespians State Conference and the International Thespian Festival, where they showcase their talents among the best in the state and the world!


Donations can be made at the following levels:

Ensemble Member (Contributions of $30.00-$49.99)
Supporting Actor  (Contributions of $50.00-$99.99)
Lead Performer  (Contributions of $100.00-199.99)
Stage Manager  (Contributions of $200.00-499.99)
Director  (Contributions of $500.00-$999.99)
Producer  (Contributions of $1000.00 or more)

In return, we will publish our patrons on our website, on all tickets purchased in advance, and in our programs.  And if you donate $200 or more, you will receive TWO complimentary tickets to each scripted show in our season!

Please fill out the form at this link and return it to us today!